1. March 2023

    1. Thu 30

      LAST DAY Term 1 Social Club Volleyball

  2. April 2023

    1. Thu 20

      FIRST DAY Term 2 Social Club Volleyball

  3. June 2023

    1. Fri 09

      REGO OPENS for Term 3 Social Club Volleyball

    2. Thu 22

      LAST DAY Term 2 Social Club Volleyball

  4. July 2023

    1. Thu 13

      FIRST DAY Term 3 Social Club Volleyball

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If you have a question and cannot find the answer below or on this website, please don't hesitate to email us directly at moretonbayvolleyball@outlook.com. We will do our best to answer you email in a timely manner.

How do I know if I have registered properly for a SAINTS event/social volleyball?

If you have registered and paid properly for any SAINTS event you should receive a confirmation email from us. If you do not receive this email contact us directly at moretonbayvolleyball@outlook.com.

Do I have to have a team to play socially with SAINTS?

No, you can register as an individual and we will place you in a team. There is a spot during registration where you can say if you want to play with a specific team, certain people or you are open to join any team. 

Once I register for social volleyball when will I know my team and schedule?

Once registrations close for an event, we will post teams and the draw within a few days under the 'Draw' tab on our website. We will also post those links on social media. Teams can meet and exchange details on the first night of play.

How long will my VQ Membership last for?

Whenever you register with VQ, you will have until 31 March of the next year before you have to renew your membership.

Are you running trials for JPVL/PVL in 2023?

We will not be entering JPVL/PVL in 2023 but we are hopeful of entering teams in 2024.

If I want to play social volleyball with SAINTS do I need to transfer from my current club?

No, you do not need to transfer clubs if you are only playing socially, however, if you want to play VQ Club Championships or JPVL/PVL for SAINTS in future you WILL need to transfer your membership to SAINTS (VQ Link hereā€¦). 

Do I have to wear club merchandise to social volleyball nights?

No, you can wear whatever you want on social volleyball nights. Our merchandise is optional. 

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