1. October 2023

    1. Tue 03

      FIRST DAY Term 4 Social Club Volleyball

  2. December 2023

    1. Thu 07

      LAST DAY Term 4 Social Club Volleyball

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When events and social volleyball are on you will find your team's draw below. Draw information usually comes out a few days after event registrations close and/or a few days before the event. You will be able to exchange contact details with team members on the first night of play.

Term 4, 2023 Social Club Volleyball, 3 October - 7 December

WarmUp Protocol: The committee asks that no players / spectators play with any volleyballs (either the club or own volleyball) during the night at the venue unless playing in the current scheduled game. 10 minutes is provided at the start of the match for player warmup.

S4  Round 1


As of Season 3 2023, every game will be refereed and scored by a scheduled person (so no need to worry about having to do any duties!).

Have experience and want to nominate yourself to be part of the referee team? Get in contact with us!

Warm Up Routine and Safety

On our Social Club nights all teams are allocated 10 minutes of warm up before their game. Here at SAINTS we encourage synchronised warm up to avoid injuries caused by wayward balls. We know stray balls happen but please make an effort not to pummel the other team 'before' the game even starts. You may be asked to stop or even leave if you cannot control your spiking.

Warm up routine: 5 minutes of general warm up, 2 minutes of front setting, 2 minute of back setting and 1 minute for serving. Please remember to set down the line and not across the court into the other team warming up.

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