1. March 2023

    1. Thu 30

      LAST DAY Term 1 Social Club Volleyball

  2. April 2023

    1. Thu 20

      FIRST DAY Term 2 Social Club Volleyball

  3. June 2023

    1. Fri 09

      REGO OPENS for Term 3 Social Club Volleyball

    2. Thu 22

      LAST DAY Term 2 Social Club Volleyball

  4. July 2023

    1. Thu 13

      FIRST DAY Term 3 Social Club Volleyball

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About Us

We are the SAINTS - Moreton Bay Volleyball Club, Inc. We are a not-for-profit, Volleyball Queensland affiliated, indoor volleyball club for ages 12 and up. We were established in August of 2022. Our founding Board of Management consists of a group of like-minded volleyball players and supporters of various ages and backgrounds.

The growth of volleyball has expanded rapidly within the last 10 years in Queensland, in particular within the northside of Brisbane. With this growth, there was a need to start a club within the Mango Hill region - SAINTS Moreton Bay Volleyball Club Inc. As a club, we wish to offer volleyball and social competition opportunities for participants, families and the wider community and have the goal to enter competitive teams into Volleyball Queensland sanctioned tournaments. We also wish to instill positive attributes within every individual that is involved with the association.

VQ Affiliated

We are a Volleyball Queensland (VQ) affiliated club and, as such, all SAINTS club members must  register as 'recreational' members (minimum) through VQ which is $30 per year. This ensures all members are covered for insurance purposes.  Membership – Volleyball Queensland (vq.org.au)

For more information regarding playing volleyball under the VQ umbrella feel free to access their website and/or Resources page.

2023  Volleyball  Queensland -  Affiliate  Logo

VQ Transfer

Volleyball Queensland can only record your registration with one of VQ's clubs for representation purposes. If you are in another VQ club and you wish to change clubs you will need to complete the 'VQ Club Transfer' process. Link here…

Volunteer/Blue Card

SAINTS – Moreton Bay Volleyball Club is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all participants involved in the sport, particularly children, as a result, we require involved parties (ie volunteers) to hold a current Blue Card which is linked to the organisation. For clarity, this includes but is not limited to all: coaches, managers, referees, officials, venue managers, court supervisors, chief referees, venue setup crew, photographers, sports medicine providers and volunteers.

The Queensland Government’s Blue Card Services manages the system and facilitates application lodgment; card renewal; fee collection, if applicable; card holder detail changes; and card and/or replacement card issue. The Blue Card Services website has extensive information on the Blue Card system. Blue Cards need to be updated every 3 years.

Players are not required to have a Blue Card.

Board of Management

SAINTS - Moreton Bay Volleyball Club is guided by its Board of Management and receives funding through a variety of sources including competitions, feature events, corporate partnerships and the support of the Queensland Government.

President:  Jo Breakspear
Vice President:  Robyn Bensley
Secretary:  Geni Campbell
Treasurers:  Natasha McLennan and Rebecca Dine
Membership Registrar:  Joshua Carseldine
Social Media Coordinators:  Robyn Bensley, Peggy Kam and Georgia Dine
Technology Manager:  Peggy Kam
Coaching Support:  Brad Curry and Joshua Carseldine
General Committee:  Tim Campbell, Jess Breakspear

SAINTS first committee 2022 ( 1b)

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